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The use of the atomic energy for peaceful purposes is not a dream of the future " declared Dwight Eisenhower, on December 8th, 1953

in front of the plenary session of United Nations in New York.

Since the date of this speech, so much for the production of electricity, drinking water and tomorrow hydrogen, in agriculture and in medicine,

the realized progress made some nuclear energy an major beneficial help of the life.

The employees of the world nuclear industry gathered with the organization World Council of Nuclear Workers – WONUC and the International Institute

of Sustainable Peace of Tokyo, decided to create "Atoms for Peace Prize", to celebrate Dwight Eisenhower's visionary message, at the origin of the creation

of the International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, to reward the applications of peaceful uses of the nuclear energy: production of electricity, production of drinking water

and the desalination of the sea water, production of hydrogen, production of radioactive sources in the therapeutic purposes for medicine treatments, onization of food,

treatment against strong insects sources of pandemics ...

At the same time as the creation of Atoms-for-Peace, it was created the Atoms for Peace International Journal and the organization of a cycle of conferences " Atoms for Peace ".

Atoms for Peace Prize was awarded in 

                       · 2007 : Mohammed EL BARADEI (IAEA / Egypte)

                      · 2008 : Yasuhiro NAKASONE (Japon)

                      · 2009 : prix non décerné

                      · 2010 : Maria Romana DE GASPERI (Italie)

     · 2011 : Claude ALLEGRE (France)

 · 2012 :  Nikolay LOUKONINE (Russia)

 · 2013 : Agneta RISING (Sweden)

 . 2014 : Marvin S FERTEL (USA)

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