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International Journal of

Nuclear Knowledge Management (IJNKM)


49, rue Lauriston

75116 Paris, France

Aims and Scope

International Journal of NUCLEAR KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT – IJNKM is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the publication of research articles, review papers and technical notes in all domains related to improvement of the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and the development of nuclear sciences and technologies connected knowledge. It aims to provide a highly professional and authoritative source of information in the field of nuclear sciences, technologies and management.

International Journal of NUCLEAR KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT – IJNKM is an interdisciplinary forum, which establishes channels of communication between nuclear and non-nuclear experts & managers, who act in the same fields of expertises in social sciences (finance, accounting, law, communication, human resource management, quality management, standardisation, strategy, geopolitics, etc; ) and sciences & technologies, but also about social questioning as nuclear waste management, nuclear transportation, proliferation questioning, risk management, social acceptability, regulatory and policy aspects, risk estimation, public perception, sustainable development, etc.

Intending to be a focal point for managers, policy makers, government agencies, academic, research institutions, industry, which are concerned with nuclear energy policy, the scope of International Journal of NUCLEAR KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT – IJNKM is broad ranging from theorists and experimentalists.

Scientific disciplines

  • Epistemology of Nuclear Knowledge
  • Intangible Capital
  • Intellectual Asset Management
  • Information systems
  • Expert Systems
  • Systems Thinking
  • Systems Dynamics
  • Complex, Adaptive, Autonomic, Holonomic Systems
  • Data warehousing, data mining, document management
  • Employee-management relations
  • Cultural, cross-cultural and gender issues
  • Role of the unions and their impact on organizational productivity
  • Worker employability and transferability of skills
  • Impact of technology on human resources practices
  • Employees as a source of innovation and creation
    • special issues addressing specific topics, developing from a review package and in-depth and supplementary articles
    • Issues of a more conventional structure blending articles addressing several topics.
  • Performance enhancement and gardening.
  • Information Science and Technologies
  • Social and Human Sciences
  • Human Resources Management
  • Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Tacit and Explicit forms of Knowledge
  • Knowledge-Sharing
  • Incomplete Information Management
  • Organizational Learning
  • Networking Education and Training
  • Technology Transfert
  • R & D Management
  • Harvesting processes; creation processes
  • Valuing Knowledge
  • Patents policy

Form of the publication

IJNKM is published in English, initially four times a year, by Inderscience Publishers. It has strict refereeing criteria and highly professional standards. In addition to the publication of scientific articles, a review of publications (books and theses) and the announcement of international conferences pertaining to the topics addressed in the journal.


A fair balance will be sought between:

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