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International Journal of Nuclear Law – IJNucL



Pr. Atanas SEMOV


The matrix of laws and regulation which were established by beginning of nuclear industry does not lend itself to uniform categorisation. Even if nuclear law is not completely self-ruling, as it takes account of norms governing other branches of law, it presents specificities and fluctuates from country to country. But, it results to an efficient regime of controls upon international nuclear trade to inhibit proliferation of nuclear armaments to an extensive regulation in the fields of radiation protection, nuclear safety and radioactive waste management to name but a few. The specificity of international aspects of the legal framework surrounding nuclear energy led to the drafting of a series of international conventions which both preceded and promoted the harmonisation of domestic legislation and regulations. Nuclear law is in a continuous move in order to adjust to the technological developments and to manage the questioning associated with their use.


Considered to be a reference work for both professionals and academics in the field of nuclear law, International Journal of Nuclear Law is a unique international publication providing its subscribers with up-to-date information on all major developments falling within the domain of nuclear law.

The goals of the International Journal of Nuclear Law are to provide a forum for thoughtful analysis focusing on issues of concern to nuclear law and regulations, to arrange for and promote studies and the knowledge of legal problems related to the peaceful utilization of nuclear energy under the special aspects of the protection of man and his environment, to help promote the exchange of information and to contribute the development of legislation governing the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.

International Journal of Nuclear Law will draw together, analyses and propagates on a world-wide basis, information on nuclear legislation, jurisprudence, international agreements, other relevant developments in the field of nuclear law;


Managers, legal practitioners, judges and academics, researchers, scholars, legal law firms, university law libraries, policy-makers government agencies and departments, institutions.


The journal will publish high quality theoretical and practical issues, critical analysis of current issues from a wide variety of topics refereed and written to the highest standards, providing innovative and authoritative appraisals of current and emerging concepts, policies and practice about nuclear law. The journal style and dialogue will be inclusive and attempt to involve all those who are interested in issues of nuclear law.

The journal publishes original papers, theoretical (literature review based), empirical (work surveys and case studies) critically reflective work (thought-leadership commentaries) describing and developing pertinent insights into the broad subject matter, conference reports, relevant reports and news, book reviews and briefs. Commentaries on papers and reports published in the Journal are encouraged. Authors will have the opportunity to respond to the commentary on their work before the entire treatment is published.

Subject coverage

  • History of nuclear law;
  • Legislative process;
  • Institutional Changes;
  • International nuclear technology policy
  • Regulation of Nuclear Technology
  • International nuclear rule-making
  • Safety and regulation;
  • Licensing, inspection and enforcement;
  • Radiological protection;
  • Waste management
  • Comparative legal aspects of pollution
  • Trade and transport;
  • Safeguards and non proliferation requirements
  • Environmental assessment and environmental protection
  • International law issues raised by global terrorism;
  • Liability and cover
  • Competitiveness and deregulation
  • Technology transfer and licensing;
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission's Safety Policy;
  • Nuclear safety culture;
  • Ethics
  • Nuclear intellectual property protection
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